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Sitely; credits and link exchange

First of all, let me once again repeat! Many thanks goes to Airi's Valentine's Day Shrine Marathon run via Amassment for finally motivating me enough to start on this. I bought on December 18th, 2006 with the intention of doing something for my favorite OTP back then, years passed and it just somehow never happened. I kept pushing it off and getting lazy about it, as well as unsure if I could even make it. So I was really glad Airi's marathon ran when it did, even when the due date was right before finals and a research paper (one of the major reason why I couldn't complete on time).

I will be working on completing this shrine as soon as I can, because I do want to make some kind of dedication to Athrun and Kira's relationship. Gundam SEED is one of my favorite anime, Athrun is one of my favorite characters, and his relationship with Kira will always be my favorite.

Title origins

The title of this shrine, Pieces of a Dream, comes from a song by CHEMISTRY, in their album The Way We Are. I was mostly inspired by the lyrics, which reminded me a lot of the feelings Athrun and Kira must have felt. Before I settled on this name though, I initially wanted to titled it "Distance" or something with the word distance, I liked the way "Final Distance" sounded, then I remembered it was a song by Utada Hikaru, so I looked up the lyrics and funny enough, they fit very well, but I wanted to be sure before I settled so I kept looking. I later found Tamaki Nami had a song title "Distance," and looked up the lyrics to find them to be also fitting... So I was kind of stuck, until I found the song by CHEMISTRY. I normally don't like to jump to song titles unless they really fit, and since I usually have short shrine names, I really liked the way "Pieces of a Dream" sounded. So there you have it.

Layout credits

Version one was made in Photoshop CS2 using an image I scanned myself from one of my many money draining artbooks. Resources used were from horizonroad, Ewanism, Exposed, and Velvet Factory. Everything was hand-coded in XHTML using CuteHTML, because I love how this program color codes tags.


Affiliation is open to any Gundam SEED related tribute or shrine. Just drop me an email with the appropriate subject. Otherwise you can use these buttons to link back to Pieces of a Dream, just please do not direct link the images. Thank you!

This is a gift from Michelle:


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