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Kira Yamato; friend among enemies

Kira is the sole Coordinator in the Earth Alliance. He was forced to join when his home of Heliopolis was attacked by ZAFT. Since Orb is a neutral nation, it accepts both Naturals and Coordinators into its borders as long as they obey the laws and ideals of Orb. For someone like Kira, I guess there is no better place to live than Orb, as both of his parents are Naturals. Being a first generation Coordinator, Kira is often conflicted and questions why his parents made him a Coordinator. He befriends Athrun Zala when they both lived on the Moon, and the two developed a deep bond. When Athrun had to leave for PLANTs, he gives Kira a mechanic bird called Torii, which is the symbol of their friendship. Even up to the war, three years after their separation, Kira still holds Torii dear and carries it around with him, perched upon his shoulder.

When the team of ZAFT soldiers broke into Heliopolis to steal the Gundams, Kira gets caught in the crossfires when he helps out Murrue Ramius, who later becomes the captain of their battleship, the Archangel. Forced to fight as the only person capable of piloting the only Gundam not stolen, GAT-X105 Strike, as Kira had to rewrite the operating system in the heat of battle (all the ZAFT soldiers who stole Gundams did the same, since the current OS was too slow). At first he is angry and unwilling, but after many battles he becomes personally involved and develops somewhat of an hero syndrome, fixating on saving people, and ignoring his own troubles. Kira eventually gets intimately involved with Fllay Allster, his crush from Heliopolis, after being emotionally drained and hurt, and she became his support and raison d'etre.

He finds full acceptance and understanding in the figure of Lacus Clyne, who was briefly held as a POW on board the Archangel when Kira picked up her escape pod. Lacus Clyne turned out to be the daughter of PLANTs' chairman Siegel Clyne. After Kira and Athrun's battle to the death, she nurses him back to health and gives him ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam and allows him to pick his own path–one that is neither with the Earth Alliance or ZAFT.

Technical Data

Age: 16 (SEED) & 18 (SEED DESTINY)
Birthday: May 18th
Mobile Suits: GAT-X105 Strike, ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom
Voiced by: Hoshi Souichirou (Japanese)