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A personal take to the story

Okay! Let's get rambly here! Gundam SEED holds a special place in my heart because before I watched Gundam SEED, I had pretty much stopped watching anime and only read manga on occation. When I took a chance and downloaded Gundam SEED (mostly because I had always been a fan of mecha and the UC Gundam series plus Gundam Wing), I had no idea I would love it as much as I do now. By the end of the first episode, I was hooked. I remember finishing SEED really fast and then watching Gundam SEED DESTINY nearly every night after doing my homework in high school. What probably got to me so fast was the emotions SEED portrayed and how it makes you feel personally involved. At least that was my case.

I keep talking about the end of the first episode, but it was just so important to me... The way Kira and Athrun stand face to face, with a knife in Athrun's hand but equally shocked looks on both their faces, and then the ending theme song starting to play all adds to the emotional trip. There's a rare clip of it still on YouTube, you better watch it before they remove it!

What also affected me was how agonized both of them were when they had to fight each other. Athrun was willing to risk everything to capture Kira and bring him to ZAFT so they wouldn't have to fight. They were always thinking of each other. Even when both of them succumbed to hate each after losing a close friend to the other, they were still conflicted. Kira seemed to have lost his way, not knowing what he can even do at that point. Athrun would cry over the thought he may have killed Kira.

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